Artists I Admire

Gerald Harvey Jones Painting

Listed here are some of my most favorite artists. I study their work almost everyday before I begin painting. I find that just observing a painting over and over again, eventually turns a light on in my head in no other way reading a book does.

I do study many good books, like Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima, along with the companion book which goes into great detail on his painting methods. Although I have yet to take a live workshop by one of these artists, I have studied online for the past couple of years with instruction from Richard Robinson from New Zealand and Johannes H. Vloothuis from Canada.

Next year in 2016, I plan on traveling to New Mexico to study under John Poon. I take my art very seriously and endeavor to excel with practice, study and expert instruction.

John Poon
Richard Robinson
Richard Schmid
Cyrus Afsary
Kevin MacPherson
Clyde Aspevig
Scott Christensen
Jim Wilcox
Gerald Harvey Jones
Johannes H Vloothuis





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