Landscape Painting with San Joaquin Valley Plein Air Painters

Member of San Joaquin Valley Plein Air Painters in Fresno, CA

Every Tuesday morning, I join a talented group of ladies to paint the landscapes of the San Joaquin Valley. The beauty of the rich, golden hills dotted with scrub oaks and vineyards provide a splendid palette to create from. The Sierra mountains display atmospheric color changes that are quite enjoyable to paint.

Plein Air simply means “painting outdoors”. The French called it “open air” or “en plein air”. Famous artists from the past, such as Monet and Renoir, often painted outdoors capturing the effects of light on the objects in front of them.

Painting in my studio, more refined art is created from the small studies I’ve captured outdoors.  Consequently, these small studies teach me much about my subject that otherwise, would go unnoticed. Painting outside helps me to observe color, light and weather conditions. As a result, I have necessary information to paint in more detail.

While riding my horse on the trails in the Sierra foothills, Yosemite and several lakes, I am fortunate to photograph a lot more of the terrain. My husband and I, ride all over the San Joaquin Valley. I have seen lots of wildlife and beauty that would be hard to see on foot. Many of Jeri McDonald Fine Art paintings are created from Jeri McDonald original photographs.

Painting as a member of this group, the San Joaquin Valley Plein Air Painters, includes showing locally at some of the best galleries in Fresno. The most noteworthy galleries are; the Fresno Art Hub and Studio 74. It is an honor to be a member of the Alliance of California Artists. Many local Fresno, Madera and Clovis artists are represented here.

Painting outdoors is vital to the senses which enable me to reach deep within myself and unfold my innermost creative abilities.  Hopefully, and most humbly, will I be able to do justice to God’s amazing creation on my canvas!

Lost Lake Study San Joaquin Valley Plein Air
Lost Lake Palms


Tree Study San Joaquin Valley Plein Air
Tree Study

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