Great painting, wrong size. Order a print!

wallart poppy garden bedroom

Original Paintings for your home that fit your wall space.

See a painting you would love for a wall space in your home or office, but it’s not the right size, style, theme or colors? What makes a home beautiful is not only the furniture, wall paint and accessories – but eye grabbing art.

What if you could chose a painting with all the right stuff? The theme, the colors and the perfect size? As a home owner and an artist, I love everything in my home to make a statement. I want my furnishings and art to go with my central theme, but have never been able to just go buy a piece of art to meet my criteria. When I began painting, I had this in mind for my own home. I started painting what I wanted for each of my rooms and really began seriously studying landscape painting at the same time. I was never attracted to the cheaply made home decorators art you could buy anywhere. My goals have always been to become a professional landscape painter.

Let’s say you really love a painting I’ve done but your not sure how it will look in your place. With a snapshot of that space, I can use my graphic skills to create a sample image showing it on the walls of your home or business, at the right size!

Most of my paintings can be painted again in larger formats or slightly different. Another very great option is to order prints on canvas, framed and on other materials, like metal. Simply click on “SHOP PRINTS” on this site to order many common sizes.

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